MAGNETOM Avanto, A Tim and Dot System

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Dot (Day Optimizing Throughput) Engine
Dot takes away the complexity in MRI scanning by patient personalization, user guidance and process automation. Optimized scan strategies are provided and can be selected based on patient condition, which allows for high quality exams even when conditions change. Integrated decision points allows the user to easily add or remove one or a group of protocols with one click. Step by step real-time on board guidance guides novice users even through the most complicated exams. Process automation allows optimal timing for breathing, scanning, planning or contrast arrival. Dot can be easily customized to follow the individual standards of care.
Dot is personalized, guided and automated and designed to improve workflow efficiency and image consistency.

Technical details

- Ultra-short 150 cm (4' 11â


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems (MRI)

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Manufacturer Siemens
Make 1.5T
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Model Avanto
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Details Technical details

- Ultra-short 150 cm (4' 11â

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