What is Reverse Radiology?

How do Buyers get started on Reverse Radiology?

How do Vendors get started on Reverse Radiology?

Buyers and Vendors chat on Reverse Radiology

How to run an auction on Reverse Radiology

Buyers: Save Time and Money

It takes just 3 simple steps

Step 1

The Buyer fills out a Request for Proposal (RFP). This sends an alert to all Vendors who provide the equipment/software/services selected by the Buyer in the RFP. At this point, Vendors with products that match the criteria in your RFP will be invited to participate in an auction controlled by the Buyer.

Step 2

The Buyer qualifies each Vendor who responds to your RFP. The Buyer can then ask specific and direct questions in an internal anonymous Chat Room.

Step 3

Once at least two Vendors accept the invitation to participate in your Auction, the Buyer can schedule an Auction. The Vendors are immediately notified of the Auction name, date, time, and duration, and participate in the scheduled Auction.

Buy it Now Option: If the Buyer may choose to buy directly from the Vendor by selecting "Buy it Now" on the product listing.


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