Our Philosophy

Reversitas GPO is an online purchasing site designed to automate the group purchasing organization (GPO) process.

Our Mission

The mission of Reversitas is to support the medical community in delivering enhanced patient care by facilitating access to advanced medical technology and services. We do this by providing a cost benefit to buyers and vendors in the following ways:
  • Providing a reverse auction to make medical imaging equipment, software and services more affordable
  • By drastically shortening the time it takes to complete the purchasing cycle
  • By simplifying the purchasing process with 3 easy steps
  • By adding value through information and a positive experience for both the Buyer and Seller

Where it all started

Delivering Telemedicine in Honduras

"Most people have no idea what a tremendous impact radiology and telemedicine has on poor and remote regions of the world," said Rebecca Cornelius, M.D., professor of radiology, neuroradiology, department of radiology, University Hospital, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. Learn how a group of radiologists made an enormouse impact on the delivery of care in Honduras here.

Market Conditions

The global medical devices market reached $331 billion in 2012. However, with the European and U.S. healthcare markets working to reduce spending, market growth was just 3% from 2011, according to Kalorama Information. The current medical device sales cycle is lengthy, costly and inefficient. The medical device sales cycle tends to be lengthy – as long as 6 months on average, and the cost of goods sold (COGS) averages around one-third of the selling price. These challenging economic conditions have pressed hospitals to enact cost-cutting initiatives, including in the area of product procurement, and hospital materials management departments have been empowered by administrators to make money-saving decisions.1 Reversitas offers the medical community an intelligent, fiscally sound and convenient method of acquiring advanced medical technology.

Our Inspiration

The benefits of medical imaging technology to patient care are significant. A study released by for the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2009, found “Life expectancy increased more rapidly in states where (1) the fraction of Medicare diagnostic imaging procedures that were advanced procedures increased more rapidly.”2 In order to support physicians and the medical community as a whole in accessing technology that significantly enhances patient care, Reversitas provides an affordable and fiscally responsible means to purchasing medical-imaging technology, enabling physicians to continue to deliver the highest quality of care possible.


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