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Radiological and Nuclear Data Repository (RNDR) for Collected Event Data

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Software & IT


System capable of manipulating data to comply/adhere with common terminology, standards, etc.
System that can work with data that adheres to common standards published by NIST, ANSI, IEE, NIEM, etc (i.e., ANSI N42.42)
The lexicon is an internal list of agreed upon terminology that current systems are expected to comply with.
RNDR will be focused on managing data, not executable code/software.
System will allow users to dynamically interact with the data.

Information Systems & Products


Have you integrated a data management system relevant to the requirements stated in the RFP, or example, where our capabilities to deliver services were
integrated into the workflow of a process relevant to the requirements stated in the RFP?


None requested





Creation date

March 1 2017 5:19 AM

Expiration date

March 31 2017 5:19 AM

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Radiological and Nuclear Data Repository