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Seeking sources that can provide 11 Diagnostic Equipment Sets for Audiometric Exams which at a minimum meets the following salient characteristics with a brand name or equal product.
• Must be capable of running separately from a PC so that testing is uninterrupted in the event of PC or network failure.
• Must contain two channels, each capable of presenting full pure tone and speech stimuli.
• Must contain speech channels capable of presenting via microphone for live voice testing/communication, and additionally via internal/external A and internal external B used for internal wave files or recorded speech material from an external digital device.
• Must contain pure tone frequency range 125-12,000Hz with standard headset; Full frequency range 125-20000Hz using Sennheiser HAD 200 headphones
(this brand/model of high frequency transducer is critical for our ototoxic monitoring program).
• Must connect seamlessly with VA QUASAR and DALC systems, allowing examiner to save test data to national database directly, without extra keystrokes which can invite human error.
Brand name Info:
1. Grason Stadler AudioStar Pro Clinical Two-Channel Audiometer (MFG # 8100107)
2. Earlink 3A/5A Standard Foam Eartips Valuepak (MFG #420-2005
3. Earlink 3A/5A Small Foam Eartips (MFG #420-2007)
4. SPEAKER CABLE ASSY, 16/61 (MFG #GSI 1761-0006)

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March 1 2017 4:31 AM

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