Smallest MRI Compatible Pacemaker Launched

June 26, 2015 - A new generation of full body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) conditional pacemakers allows implanted patients to undergo MRI scans on any region of the body.

Sorin Group, a global medical company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, launched KORA 250 and DR pacemakers, which when implanted with the Sorin BEFLEX pacing lead, allow implanted patients to undergo MRI scans on any region of the body. Pacemaker patients are prone to develop medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer or stroke, and may therefore require MRI examinations for optimal disease diagnosis and management.

The unique Automatic MRI Mode makes MRI scans safe and efficient for pacemaker patients, automatically detecting the MRI scanner’s magnetic field and ensuring appropriate pacemaker operation during the scan. After the scan, the device automatically returns to normal configuration.1 As a result, unlike other pacing systems, KORA 250 minimizes the amount of time that patients experience MRI mode.

Designed to proactively manage comorbidities, KORA 250 is equipped with advanced therapeutic and diagnostic features, including:

SafeR, a unique pacing mode that intelligently manages all types of AV block. SafeR is the only algorithm proven to dramatically reduce right ventricular pacing for patients with AV block as well as patients with sinus node disease. SafeR has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart failure and cardiac hospitalization by 51%.

Sleep Apnea Monitoring (SAM), a clinically validated tool to efficiently screen and monitor patients for severe sleep apnea4. Recent studies have highlighted the risks of sleep apnea, a significant comorbidity associated with atrial fibrillation and heart failure. 5,6,7

Prof. Antonio Sagone, chief of the electrophysiology laboratory at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, implanted the first KORA 250 and Sorin BEFLEX pacing leads in a 79-year-old patient. Prof. Sagone commented: "KORA 250 is the ideal pacemaker for all my brady patients. Whether I’m treating them for sinus node disease or AV block, its smart algorithms like SafeR and Sleep Apnea Monitoring help me to proactively manage comorbidities and reduce long-term risk. I’m happy to be able to offer my patients such a tiny and long-lasting device that now also allows them to undergo full body MRI scans easily and safely. ”